Frequently Asked Question

Please read below for any questions you have. If you don't find the answer you are looking for, Please contact our customer service

What can I send?

You can send everything available through our catalog.

From where are the items bought and shipped?

All the items are bought in India. The items will be packed in our India ware house and shipped through Courier or Indian Post Office.

How is the item delivered? Can I choose Courier Company I want?

All items are shipped through Private Courier or Indian Post Office. Our first preference is to ship using Private Courier; if the shipping destination is not served by our Courier Company then we will ship using Indian Post Office.

Which Courier Company is used for Shipping?

We work with few renowned couriers like TNT, Blue Dart Express, or Local Courier recognized for its prompt and trusted service.

How long it will take for my gift to reach destination.

Courier normally takes 3 to 6 working days to deliver. If our courier partner does not provide service to a particular place or refuses to deliver certain gift items, we use the services of few good local couriers and/or Indian Post Office. We don't guarantee delivery for order sent using Indian Post office.

How can I help to ensure my delivery is made on time?

When filling out the order form please place the order 7-8 days in advance, make sure you complete all items to the best of your knowledge. Detailed address, telephone number and major landmarks are very helpful. PIN code is a must for courier shipments.

an I place order on the phone?

All orders must be placed only through Web. We do not accept orders over phone or Email. You are welcome to contact us via email for any question you may have. See Customer Services Link.

Are there any additional charges apart from the charges mentioned on the web page?

No. Our charges are all inclusive.

What if the delivery is not done or is late?

We will try to meet the Expected Delivery Date as given in the order form, any delayed/early delivery for whatever reason shall not entitle the user for any damages from us. We are confident of providing prompt delivery service, if we can not full-fill your orders, we shall refund you the money at the earliest. Please read our Terms and Conditions before placing the order.

Can the order given be changed?

You can Cancel the order 5 to 6 days before delivery date. Then you can place a new Order. If you have mistake contact our Customer Service Link. We will get back to you. We cannot change the order within 4 days of shipment date.

When will my Rakhi order be shipped?

All Rakhi Orders placed for major courier deliverable cities till 4 PM IST on 15th August, 2013 will be Guaranteed delivered on or before 21st August, 2013 on priority basis.

Can you deliver keeping my identity a secret?

No. The Billing name will be disclosed to the recipient.

Are there any other considerations before I place my order?

Yes. While we take special care to deliver your gift items as soon as possible by choosing the fastest means, please avoid sending potential perishable items (some sweets) in your order if the recipient is remote and we have no other option than to send by Indian Post Office. We try to avoid adding perishable items on our catalog.

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